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Gabriele Mitelli | pocket tromba, genis, elettronics

Alexander Hawkins | piano


“If they were looking for a name, and if they didn’t have any imagination, Alexander Hawkins and Gabriele Mitelli could choose to be called “The golden boys”. They are among the youngest artists (they were both born in the ’80) that are making the news in the creative jazz scene. Hawkins is English, a skilled pianist who can go from Evan Parker to Mulatu Astatke and connect classic jazz tradition with avant-garde. Mitelli, Italian trumpet player, stood out playing in duo with Pasquale Mirra (also at the NovaraJazz festival, last year) and with ONG Crash + Ken Vandermark.

They create worlds that are both electric and ancient, and always very human in their search for a future that is just around the corner and speaks about wonderful musical discoveries.

If they were looking for a name. However, I do not think they are. And most certainly they don’t lack any imagination… just listen to them for a minute to find out for yourself and let their music enchant you.”

Enrico Bettinello

Alexander Hawkins, British pianist, is well appreciated by important artists such Evan Parker, John Surman, Rob Mazurek and Han Bennink. Whoever loved Roberto Ottaviano’s work dedicated to Steve Lacy, already knows Hawkins’ intelligent, sensitive and flawless piano technique. 36 years old, he takes from African American music milestones such as Art Tatum, Thelonious Monk e Cecil Taylor.

Gabriele Mitelli, Italian trumpet player born in Brescia in 1988, won Top Jazz New Talent second place in 2016 Musica Jazz ranking. His creativity is volcanic and restless, and he has worked with Ken Vandermark, Pasquale Mirra, Cristiano Calcagnile, Ralph Alessi, Markus Stockhausen, Chris Speed, Giovanni Guidi, Gianluca Petrella among many others; the most recent collaboration led to ONG, with Enrico Terragnoli, Gabrio Baldacci and Cristiano Calcagnile, published by Parco Della Musica Records.

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