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O.N.G. "crash"

GabrieleMitelli O.N.G.'crash'- (1).JPG


pocket trumpet, Russian genis, electronics

electric guitar

electric guitar baritone


Special Guest

sax tenore

O.N.G. Crash - a project by Gabriele Mitelli, published in May, 2017 with Parco della Musica Records.



The concept for this project is a work by Gabriele Mitelli, trumpet player and leader of the band: the idea is inspired by composers and tracks that shaped his artistic growth, such as A tratti by C.S.I., Sleep Talkin by Ornette Coleman and Lanquidity by Sun Ra.

The music switches from composed tracks and long improvisation music, which makes room to explore the ensemble’s timbre, melodic and rhythmic potential.


All musicians from this band have remarkable artistic experience playing with influent artists from the international scene, such as Anthony Braxton, Stefano Bollani, Rob Mazurek, Gianluca Petrella, Wu Fei, Carla Kihlstedt, Tristan Honsinger, William Parker, Zu, Buch Morris, Paolo Fresu, Paul Mc Candless, Enrico Rava, Markus Stockhausen, Alexander Hawkins, Ken Vandermark.

Ken Vandermark

Saxophonist, clarinet player, composer, one among the most active players from the international musical improvisation scene


Born in Boston and musically raised in Chicago, Vandermark is a tireless musician, festival manager, producer and a key figure for collective projects. Since the ’90s, he has been a model to many young jazzmen. In 1998, he was awarded a McArthur Foundation’s genius grant. He directed Vandermark 5, one of the most influential bands in Chicago (they played at Centro d’Arte in 2005); he played in DKV trio (with Kent Kessler e Hamid Drake), Free Fall, Territory Band, CINC, Sonore (sax trio with Peter Brötzmann and Mats Gustafsson), Bridge 61, Schooldays, Powerhouse, and recorded dozens of albums. He played duos with pianist Agustí Fernández, drum player Paal Nilssen-Love and trumpet player Nate Wooley.
Made to Break is an outstanding album that blends acoustic and electronic music, and has rhythmic suggestions that open to rock and funk music

O.N.G. "crash"
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