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Rob Mazurek - piccolo trumpet, electronics, voice
Gabriele Mitelli - cornet, soprano sax, electronics, voice

Facing each other. No filters, no mediations. Through mirrors and mutual recalls, constantly walking the tightrope. Rob Mazurek and Gabriele Mitelli: trumpeters who are not just trumpeters, musicians who made the 'beyond' and the ‘elsewhere’ their way of life. Mazurek, a revered master. At the heart of the Chicago scene for almost two decades now, catalyst of energies, tireless experimenter and focal point between the dancing legacy of Sun Ra and the uncompromising impulses of the most non-aligned (post-)rock, between the lesson of Bill Dixon and the majestic path of the AACM generation. Mitelli, young and wayward, instinctive and courageous in rushing headlong into the less comfortable situations and the most unlikely contexts. They had to meet one day. It’s about affinity and consonance. A matter of life. A matter of music.


"The duo's playing was raw, uninhibited, and real. Their sonic cornucopia, wild and free, is one of the exciting and convincing meldings of electronic and acoustic forced I've heard."

Andy Hamilton // London Jazz News - The Wire

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